West End Food Festival

September 21-26, 2017

The West End Food Festival is an annual event, geographically focused on Vancouver’s West End Neighbourhood. Since 2013, we’ve collaborated with community members and organizations to put together a fun and diverse program of workshops, events and dialogues that celebrates food in the West End community.

Our main focus is to:

  • Bring public attention to various issues and concerns in our food system
  • Use food as a mechanism to foster social inclusion and community building
  • Facilitate skill development in areas like urban farming and food preparation

All events or workshops are free and open to the public, and led by individuals or organizations in the community who can receive up to $200 for supplies and other workshop/event costs.

This year’s West End Food Festival takes place from September 21-26th, 2017.

Join us for some food fun!

Check out events/workshops from past festivals:

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Community Project Grant Application

Lead a project!

We want you to creatively contribute to the West End Food Festival by designing, coordinating and delivering your own food-related project, such as a workshop or event for the public. Apply to lead a project, and if chosen we will help you with resources and support to make it happen!


  • Up to $200 is available for projects that meet at least one of the targets above.
  • The project must occur between September 21st and 26th, 2017 and be held in the West End. (Applicants do not need to be West End residents.)
  • Events and workshops must be open and free of charge in order to receive funding.

Important dates

Application deadline: July 23, 2017

Grant Decisions announced:  August 2, 2017


How to Apply

You can apply by printing our paper application, or filling out an online application:

Paper/Printed Application

Print and bring completed to the Gordon Neighbourhood House front desk (1019 Broughton St, Vancouver BC V6G 2A7). We also have a few paper copies available at the front desk.

Online Application

OR you can save paper and fill out our online application form!



In addition to project leaders, we’re looking for people who want to help with event planning and supporting the festival between September 21-26.

Volunteering for the West End Food Festival is a great opportunity to get involved in your local food community, meet amazing people, and develop your own food skills!


Contact us

Have questions or interested in volunteering?

Email foodfest@gordonhouse.org, or call 604-683-2554.