Vancouver Food Summit

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1: Indigenous Food Sovereignty

Moderator and community development worker Diana Guenther is joined by Dawn Morrison, founder of the B.C. Food Systems Network Working Group on Indigenous Food Sovereignty, East Vancouver social worker Sharnelle Jenkins-Thompson and ethno-botanist Cease Wyss.


2: Is Local Food More Just?

Moderator Jason Hsieh is an advocate for local food systems and is helping the City implement its Greenest City 2020 Action Plan. Panelists include Rebecca Cuttler, author of the urban food gardening blog Abundant City, Alexandra Henao-Castrillon, who works with migrant workers here and in Central America, and Tara McDonald, executive director of Vancouver Farmers Markets.


3: Keynote Address + special presentation

Keynote address by Diana Bronson, the executive director of Food Secure Canada, in conversation with Lily Grewal and presentation by Amelia Pape of Whole Foods.

4: What do we do about Food Banks?

Moderator Bev Pitman of the United Way of the Lower Mainland is joined by Aart Schuurman Hess. Hess is the CEO of Greater Vancouver Food Banks, where the focus has changed from providing emergency rations to empowering people to nourish themselves. Other panelists include public health nutritionist Gerry Kasten and Peggy Wilmot, who runs a Food Bank in Victoria.

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