Linda’s 36th Anniversary!

By: Scott Douglas Jacobsen (GNH Community Journalist/Blogger)

Toast to Linda

Linda has been an integral part of the Gordon Neighbourhood House and West End community for over three decades. On behalf of our community, we want to express our deepest, heartfelt gratitude to someone not only indispensable to the community at large and to the individual lives influenced by her presence and interactions, but for playing a significant role in the growth of Gordon Neighbourhood House.

When Gordon Neighbourhood House opened in it’s current location at 1019 Broughton in 1986, HRH Prince Charles toured the house. Linda was there the day that he came to the house, in fact he shook her hand and commented on her important role at Gordon Neighbourhood House.

Royal Visit

Paul Taylor said, “Linda’s laugh brightens Gordon Neighbourhood House several times thorough the day. You couldn’t miss it!  It’s as much a part of this place as the walls are. Her commitment and dedication to her community is an inspiration to us all.”

Jim Balakshin said, “Linda is involved in so many aspects of Gordon Neighbourhood House. When we host events, Linda is often the first to arrive and will stay until everything is finished.”

Agata Feetham said, “Linda is a compassionate, kind, and loving person who truly cares about people. She is a hard worker and always willing to help anytime anyone needs it. Linda is a dedicated team player that everyone appreciates and she truly cares about Gordon House and the West End community. I am proud to call her my colleague and friend.”

Linda & Agata

Debra Bryant said, “Linda, you must have welcomed hundreds of newcomers into Gordon House and ANHBC.  Maybe that’s why you’re so good at it.  Thank you for warmly welcoming me when I joined a couple of years ago and for being part of the life of ANHBC for more than a third of our history.”

Thank you, Linda, and happy GNH 36th!

Linda and the crew

Scott Douglas Jacobsen is the Gordon Neighbourhood House Community Journalist/Blogger. He founded In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal and In-Sight Publishing.