In Conversation with Joy Gyamfi, Young Ideas Program Assistant

By: Scott Douglas Jacobsen (GNH Community Journalist/Blogger)


Tell us briefly about your background – family, education, and work.

I was born in Ghana but have grown up and lived in Canada for the majority of my life. (16 years to be exact.) I am now a student at UBC, and I’ve mainly worked in the food service and retail industry before this position.

How did you find out about Gordon Neighbourhood House?

I’m a Co-op student, so I found out about GNH through the Summer Day Camp Leader position that they advertised with Co-op.

What interested you about us?

When I first found out about GNH I was mainly interested in finding a job but now that I’ve worked here for 5 months, I’m really interested in and proud of the fact that we are able to run so many programs that are low-cost and affordable.

Now, you’re working with Gordon Neighbourhood House. What tasks and responsibilities come with this position?

Now that my position has changed, I am a Program Assistant for Young Ideas. I essentially help plan events for people living in the West End area.

Where do you hope Gordon Neighbourhood House moves forward into the future?

Although GNH is well-known in the West End area, I hope that it can become a more recognized name outside of this community.


Scott Douglas Jacobsen is the Gordon Neighbourhood House Community Journalist/Blogger. He founded In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal and In-Sight Publishing.