7 Reasons You Should Shop or Donate to a Non-profit Thrift Store


1. One of a Kind Items

While thrifting you can be a bad-ass treasure hunter like Indiana Jones, no degree in Archaeology or wacky side-kick needed.

2. Quality

Many thrifted items are of superior quality and have stood the test of time compared to super disposable generic retail purchases. Big box store retailers want you to come back soon – they make the clothes in such a way that you need to.

3. Affordable

If you live in a city like Vancouver, you know that it isn’t cheap. Purchasing second hand clothing increases your buying power. You can often get ten shirts for the price of one in retail clothing store.

4. Bringing it Back

If you’ve got a penchant for retro thrift stores are your playground. Retail Clothing stores just don’t compare on this front, the often sell retro, and vintage reproductions at much higher prices compared to genuine originals found at thrift stores. Aviators anyone?


5. The Earth Smiles Back

The average person throws out 19 kilograms (42 pounds) of textiles every year. Why not donate pre-loved clothes to a thrift store to be re-loved by someone else.

6. Community Impact

When you shop at places like The Attic Thrift Store your purchase supports your community. 100% of proceeds from The Attic Thrift Stores support Gordon Neighbourhood House’s community programs. It allows the neighbourhood house to offer pay-what-you-can and free programming.

7. Green is Beautiful

Producing synthetic fabrics require a lot of energy, and produces toxic gases and chemicals. Transportation of these products creates pollution. Donations to thrift stores are often walked to the front door and then purchased by folks strolling by.

Remember there is a difference between a for profit thrift store and a non-profit thrift store that exists to generate revenue to support community programs. Be an informed and well-dressed thrifter.

Gordon Neighbourhood House (www.gordonhouse.org) operates two Attic Thrift Stores in the West End of Vancouver (1019 Broughton Street and 1340 Davie). We are open 7 days a week for shopping and donation drop offs.

100% of our proceeds support local community programs and initiatives. Follow us on Facebook and be the first to hear about our 50% off sales and promotions. www.facebook.com/TheAtticonDavie or www.facebook.com/TheAtticThriftStore

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