The 2nd Annual Community GBQ

Last month, we transformed our front mini-plaza into a festive community BBQ full of amazing sights, sounds, and hickory sweet aromas for all to enjoy.

Over 150 neighbours, members, volunteers, donors and partners were invited to fill their stomachs with hamburgers fresh from the grill and salads with greens from our urban gardens. The event featured local musicians such as Madelyn Read and Jan Bartolome, who played some folk and R&B tunes. Other highlights included multiple games of street hockey, after dinner board games, and snacks from Popcorn in the Park (operated by John Merzetti).

A feeling of unity and belonging

Belonging is different for each person but is often associated with feeling at ease, being safe, and being around friendly and familiar faces. At the end of the event, approximately 90% of participants felt an increased sense of belonging in their own community and felt a connection among the people in the West End.

“The ambiance of people laughing and talking, the music, decor and the delicious food was amazing,” says a West End resident.

“It was a beautiful evening and it truly feels good to be a part of it.”

This event was made possible by the generous support of the TD Park Peoples Grant. An enormous thank you to the folks that gave up their evening to volunteer with us and everyone who joined us. More photos can be found here.