How to Wear and Make Face Masks

The advice of the World Health Organisation has been that when people wear a face mask in public places it helps to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Check out this news article on the spread of misinformation by anti-masking groups.

There are many valid reasons why people may decide not to wear a face mask, but choosing to correctly wear a face covering on public transport and in the supermarket is an easy and important way that we can protect other people in our community who have compromised immune systems.

You can learn about the benefits of correctly wearing a face mask here you can learn the do’s and don’ts of face mask wearing here and you can learn the correct way to make and wear different styles of homemade masks here.

Last week we held a virtual Mask Making Workshop hosted by Robin who has a background of working in film production design. During lockdown Robin researched how to make masks that are comfortable, effective, and easy to wear. Robin used her skills to make masks and distribute them to friends & neighbours. Below is a recording of Robin’s workshop and her notes on how to make her designs and what measurements to use. It is possible to hand-sew Robin’s design if you do not have access to a sewing machine but it will take longer.
Mask making tutorial

How to make face mask:
Adding a visor to your mask – useful for travelling