Different Methods to Vote

No matter which method you choose to vote, you’ll need to prove your identity and address. Keep reading, or visit Elections Canada for the full list of accepted ID.

Option 1: Government-Issued Photo ID
Show one piece of government-issued photo identification that has your name and current address.
Eg. driver’s license, passport, etc.

Option 2: Don’t Have Photo ID?
Show two pieces of identification without your photo. Both pieces must have your name, and at least one piece must have your address.
Eg. birth certificate, debit card, health card, insurance statement, bank statement, library card, etc.
Visit Elections Canada for a list of approved ID for Option 2.

Option 3: Don’t Have Current Identification?
If you don’t have ID, don’t worry you can still vote. You can do this by declaring your identity and address in writing, and have someone who knows you and is assigned to your polling station confirm your identity (called “vouching”).