John Patrick Spence is carving a House Post this summer!

Na wa ch’etx̱wantas tkwétsi ḵ’aḵn lam̓s tl’a Gordon kwa John Spence.
John Patrick Spence, a Squamish artist is carving a house post at Gordon House this Summer.

Come by Gordon House and join the House Post progress, get to know the artists and community members involved, and learn more about the Legend behind the house post. Everyone is welcome!

The Thunderbird is a legendary and well-respected creature in Squamish people’s history and culture. Many Coast Salish communities honor the Thunderbird and have similar stories and teachings. According to Squamish Legend, the Thunderbird nested on Mount Garibaldi and was so massive that it fed on killer whales. When the Thunderbird flapped its powerful wings it brought thunder, and by moving its tentacle-like ears generated lighting. The Thunderbird is considered a supernatural being of power and strength, and a protector of people. 

The Artist 
John Spence was born in North Vancouver and is a member of the Squamish Nation. He is from the Killer Whale clan and is a grandson of the late Chief Simon Baker (Khot-la-cha). John previously worked with several local youth to paint a mural on Gordon Neighbourhood House depicting three important symbols: Thunderbird, Beaver, and Salmon. 

John will be at Gordon House on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays. 
Times vary, all are welcome to give us a call at (604) 683-2554 to check if John is at the house.