Art & Play at the Family Place: August Workshop

Our Family Place Art Workshops are a perfect opportunity to slow down, relax, get creative together with your family, and have some FUN!

This August we hosted another family bonding art workshop with a talented artist Peisen Ding. Participants got to explore spheres and circles by getting creative with natural materials (leaves, flowers, pinecones), bubble guns, watercolor markers, and various coloured papers. Families got to create their own bubble world and its creatures, expanding their imagination and accessing their creative side. Peisen always incorporates play within his art workshops, that way both adults and kids get to not only learn new art techniques and create fun projects, but have lots of fun together as a family. This allows younger kids to pay attention longer, be more interested in learning new concepts, and participate more actively in the creation of crafts.

Why is creativity important for healthy early child development?

Incorporating creativity into children’s routines is crucial for their healthy motor skills development, mental growth, and socialization. Getting creative challenges young kids to develop new ideas, learn unfamiliar concepts, access their imagination, practice problem-solving, and foster communication skills.

Working with materials such as paints, brushes, clay, markers, and glue sticks fosters fine motor skills development and lets them explore different tools: why we use them, what is okay to do and what is not, how to use them to make something new. Creating arts & crafts also helps foster hand-eye coordination, an important perceptual motor skill. By using different objects and tools, young kids learn to perform movements with their hands while being guided by the eyes.

As kids learn to express their feelings, ideas, and emotions, getting creative is a wonderful opportunity to boost their communication skills and explore different ways to express their experiences.

What is more, creating arts & crafts together with your kids is a valuable opportunity for family bonding. Showing your kiddos that their abilities are appreciated will support their self-confidence and personal growth.

Peisen with one of the families

At each Family Place Drop-in, we try to provide arts&crafts station where young kids (ages 0-5) get to explore their creativity together with peers, parents, and caregivers. The arts & crafts include colouring, collage making, sticker arts, clay, and crafts dedicated to different holidays.

We’re also working on bringing in more special fun Family Bonding Art Workshops this year, so keep an eye out for the announcements on our socials and Family Programs Page, as the spots fill out very quickly!