Community Gardens are Good for us, and our Community

Gardens are for growing! A community gardening participant tends to one of dozens of raised garden boxes in the West End.

Did you know that Gordon Neighbourhood coordinates over 55 urban gardening spaces in the West End neighbourhood of Vancouver, and every year hosts many nature-based activities and events?

Community gardens are about more than just growing plants, they are special places that provide opportunities for neighbours to get involved in their community and work together. Community garden participants learn how to grow food and plants, share skills, and connect with other neighbours interested in deepening our understanding and relationship with nature.

Community Garden Facilitator Deanna Henry hosted a balcony and window sill gardening workshop for West End neighbours.

Many of our garden participants report that as a result of joining a community garden they spend more time outdoors, interact more with neighbours, meet new friends, and experience improvements in their mental and physical health. Our wonderful gardeners also contribute to the clean air, clean water, and biodiversity of our neighbourhood.

This year we partnered with The Plant a Seed and See What Grows Foundation to support gardening programs and initiatives on the downtown peninsula. The Foundation’s vision is to help create a healthier generation through experiences that connect us to the land and provide opportunities to improve our communities.

If you would like to learn more or participate in our gardening programs and events, please contact our Community Garden Facilitator Deanna Henry. Deanna’s vision is to foster accessible, fun, and safe places to learn. She hopes to see everyone having fun in the dirt!

Deanna Henry, Community Garden Facilitator,