Truth and Reconciliation Day 2022

On Friday, September 30th we observed the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation at Gordon Neighborhood House.

The day was first and foremost about truth. We raise our hands to each of our speakers – Joanne, John, Clint, and Jeff – that spoke to the intergenerational harms of residential school. Our Executive Director Siobhan publicly acknowledged our historical association with the child welfare system and the explicit anti-Indigenous racism we have observed in our archives, which date back to 1942. Our work to continue understanding our role in the harms perpetuated against Indigenous people – and our role in uprooting colonialist thinking in our own organization – will continue.

The second part of the day was about relationship. We were glad to see members of Squamish Nation practicing their rights in the plaza outside of GNH – we smoked fish, sang songs, and worked on the totem pole together. Thank you to Skylie for bringing devil’s club and other medicines for our community, and thank you to the West End for showing up and being a part of the day.

We hope you appreciate these photos and take inspiration for how you can work toward Truth and Reconciliation in your own communities.