Accessibility Details

Increasing the accessibility of Gordon Neighbourhood House is a work in progress. If you have thoughts our suggestions on the accessibility of Gordon Neighbourhood House we encourage you to contact us via email (, phone: 604-683-2554 or speaking to us at the front desk.


  • We give guests to our Community Lunch Program the option to let us know of dietary restrictions in advance so that we can try to accommodate them.
  • When requested in advance someone can be made available to assist those who cannot serve food to themselves e.g. if shaking prevents someone from being able to pour from a jug
  • Free water is available in foyer

Physical Spaces

  • We have an elevator for access to the second floor program spaces
  • Our elevator cab, common corridors, and program room doors provide adequate clearance for wheelchairs or mobility devices
  • We have a wheelchair accessible washroom on the first floor, complete with grab bars, and baby change table. The design is compliant with the 2014 Building Access Handbook
  • Our reception desk has a lowered section for interacting with persons in wheelchairs or mobility devices
  • We have tactile warning surfaces and high contrast finishes to assist the visually impaired
  • We have a cane detection railing under our staircase to assist the visually impaired
  • Bike racks are available outside the Gordon Neighbourhood House
  • Event participants are encouraged to reduce the use of scented products such as colognes or perfumes
  • Meditation & Prayer: We are happy to provide a quiet space for meditation and prayer


  • We work to avoid language that erases non gender binary identified folk, e.g. “Ladies and gentlemen”
  • Eligibility to use any gendered space or service is defined by self-identity, not sex assigned at birth or how others read an individual’s gender expression
  • Identification is not required to participate in any program at Gordon Neighbourhood House


  • Most of our programs and initiatives are under $5 or are based on the Pay-What-You-Can model
  • There are sometimes opportunities to attend an event for free by volunteering at it