Our Respect Policy

Gordon Neighbourhood House assumes the best intentions of people. Our starting point is that we are all good people. This means that we actively encourage and nurture trust among people in our community.

We expect everyone to be patient, polite, understanding, and to treat others with respect. We also expect everyone to treat Gordon Neighbourhood House’s space and other people’s belongings this way.
No matter what your race, gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, ability, religion, ancestry, political affiliation, language, financial status, age, record of offenses, immigration or family status, you will be respected here.

Every person is always welcome. But if behaviour compromises others, it will be the person’s behaviour that is asked to leave. The amount of time will reflect the seriousness of the incident and the number of times it has occurred.

The very same person will always be welcome when we can get beyond that behavior.

Adapted and inspired by the respect policies of The Stop Community Food Centre and the Downtown
Eastside Neighbourhood House.