Our Team


Allen Smith, Executive Director

Siobhan Powlowski, Senior Director

Linda Minamimaye, Director of Operations

Agata Feetham, Program Director

Isabel Ashton, Children, Families & Youth Program Coordinator

Jim Balakshin, Attic Thrift Store Coordinator/Program Coordinator (Young Ideas & Neighbourhood Small Grants)

Joey Liu, Farmer/Community Programmer

Aileen Long, Outreach Coordinator (Clean Team & Volunteers)

Peter Nguyen, Chef

Jessy Scaria, Community Support Worker

Doris Traynor, Community Programmer (Seniors’ Programs)

Valia Flores & June Lam, Front Desk Workers


Community Advisory Board

Kathryn Fitzgerald – Co-Chair

Dan Watson – Co-Chair

Rashmi G.C.

Micah Goldberg

Daniela Guerrero-Rodriguez

Eva Krizek

Willie Ng

Graham Ramsay



Now Recruiting Members for the GNH Community Advisory Board (CAB)

Are you interested in developing a strategic plan for Gordon Neighbourhood House? Working with GNH to provide leadership in the local community? Ensuring that the direction of GNH is in keeping with current and future needs in Vancouver’s West End?

You’re invited to apply to a progressive Community Advisory Board that values enthusiasm, cultural diversity, and lived experience. Members of the CAB are active volunteers at Gordon Neighbourhood House and asked to attend bi-monthly Board meetings.

For more information, please contact:

Siobhan Powlowski, Senior Director