Food Philosophy

Gordon Neighbourhood House uses food to nourish our community in a variety of ways, including the facilitation of intercultural exchange and dialogue, community capacity-building, and community development.


  1. An understanding that food brings us together and can act as vehicle for community-building.

  1. A recognition that all members of our community have a Right to Food based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, while also acknowledging that we as a community enjoy various levels of access to food.

  1. A commitment to sharing fresh, non-expired, healthy, and locally-sourced food whenever possible.

  1. A commitment to sharing food that is nutrient-dense, low in refined sugar and sodium, and not overly-processed.

  1. A commitment to working toward increased access to food for those who are nutritionally vulnerable.

  1. A commitment to providing opportunities for increased food literacy and community capacity-building for our neighbours.

  1. A commitment to sharing foods that reflect the diversity of our community, city, country and world.

  1. An awareness of the impact that our food choices have on the environment.

  1. A commitment to the reduction of our organizational ecological footprint by minimizing packaging and ongoing composting.

  1. Support for the development of urban farms and healthy food cooperatives.