Attic Thrift Store

We are deeply sorry to share that GNH’s Attic Thrift Stores will be closed indefinitely.                                

This decision is not made lightly. We recognize the Thrift Store is a community hub that provides essential low-cost goods, books, and clothing to the West End. The Attic Thrift Store was launched by a committed volunteer and has been a labour of love from so many others since. It is a gender-neutral store – something we don’t see enough of – and a treasure chest of vintage, funky and wonderful clothing. It has also been an important revenue source for us for a very long time.

Unfortunately, it is simply no longer possible to operate the Thrift Store we know and love. Gordon House has been working hard to secure new services for youth, families and seniors. We are delighted to share that we have been successful on these fronts – but expansion of our services has meant that we need to use all available space for community services. This includes the Thrift Store area, which is the second largest room in the House and one of the only two rooms able to accommodate medium sized groups.

In an ideal world, we would re-open an off-site store. Unfortunately, lease rates in the West End are prohibitively high. In the current environment we could not operate off-site without sustaining significant losses. We will continue to work with all partners to see if we can secure a new space for the Store.

We know and understand that our community will be very disappointed by this news. We would welcome your support in finding an off-site location that would be appropriate for a renewed Attic Thrift Store.

We want to express our deep and profound gratitude to our committed Thrift Store volunteers, who have contributed thousands of hours to the store. Your efforts have made a material impact on the health of the Neighbourhood House and, by extension, the health of our community. You have shown up with a smile to innumerable volunteer shifts and facilitated a space that was loved by all members of our community. We cannot thank you enough, and it is our sincere hope that you will continue to find other ways of collaborating with us to make the West End a better place to live.