Young Ideas launches Cooking With

By David Cutting

Malaysian Curry Chicken, Barley Risotto, Root Vegetable Slaw, Blueberry Buckle Cake. Yes it was as delicious as it sounds. On Monday January 18th Gordon Neighbourhood House’s Chef Peter Nguyen lead a group of 9 at Cooking with, a monthly community kitchen that supports young adults in growing their culinary ability.

Food prep

Out of the nine in attendance, four were new to Gordon Neighbourhood House. One of the participants was quick to share that the experience of participating in Cooking With has equipped him with new skills and confidence in the kitchen.

Since this program launched in October it has seen over 30 participants, all  incredibly eager to learn new cooking skills and meet new people. The program costs a mere $2 a person.

This month the recipes came from Goodness: Recipes and Stories, a book that celebrates Canada’s food fighters and features Gordon Neighbourhood House’s Executive Director Paul M. Taylor and Chef Peter. You can purchase a copy of Goodness at Gordon Neighbourhood House for $30, a portion of the proceeds support the work of Gordon Neighbourhood House

Malaysian Curry Chicken, Barley Risotto, Root Vegetable Slaw.

Young Ideas is an awesome initiative that is having incredible success in building community for the vast number of young adults (20-39 years old) that call the West End home. According to the 2011 Census 48% of West Enders are between the ages of 20 and 39. I personally met 5 new people while participating in Cooking With and I am excited to go to other events organized by Young Ideas.


If you would like to reserve your spot for the next Cooking With (Date: February TBA) call us at 604-683-2554, or email us at

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Upcoming Young Ideas Events:

Get Smart: Intro to Coding

January 21st at 7pm Cost: FREE

Ever wondered what all those hackers and web designers are up to when they’re tapping away on their computer? While this class may not make you the next Mark Zuckerberg, you’ll definitely leave feeling like those ones and zeros make a little more sense.

Facebook Event: HERE

Game On:

January 28th at 7pm Cost: FREE

Who doesn’t love board games? Here at Young Ideas we love them so much that we are hosting a monthly games night at Gordon Neighbourhood House. Here you can go from making millions in Monopoly to building a vast empire in Risk.
All you need to do is bring yourself (and friends if you’d like, but I’m sure they’ll have some here for you too), something comfy, and prepare yourself for a ton of fun!

Facebook Event: HERE