It is Membership season at Gordon Neighbourhood House

Are you a member of Gordon Neighbourhood House? perhaps you didn’t know that we are a membership based organization. You can Join today for only $5. It is an easy way to support the work that we do, and it gives you access to all of our programs as well as gives you access to the monthly 50% off sale at the Attic Thrift Store, currently only at the Davie location, but April 1st the sale will only be available to members at both locations.

Meet Jarret Mckee He is 31 and has lived in Vancouver’s West End for two years now. Jarett is not only a member, but also serves on Gordon Neighbourhood House’s Community Advisory Board. Jarett joined the board in September 2015 at the most recent Annual General Meeting (AGM).

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Jarret’s first experience at Gordon Neighbourhood house was through getting involved with the Young Ideas initiative. Young Ideas members are volunteers that organize events, activities and initiatives. Young Ideas was created as a means of facilitating connection and opportunities for relationship building, with a particular focus on 20 to 39 year olds who live, work or volunteer in Vancouver’s West End. Many aren’t aware that 20 to 39 year olds make up 48% of the West End’s population.

Young Ideas was created as a response to the Vancouver Foundation’s 2012 Connection and Engagement survey that found:

41% of young adults in Metro Vancouver find it difficult to make friends and that  33% say they feel more alone than they would like to be

When asked why everyone should have a membership Jarret’s response was; “Gordon Neighbourhood House is a very unique organization that is invested in all of its community members, it makes a priority of fostering those connections. Being a part of an organization like this is the best way for you to feel connected and significant in your community”

Jarret spoke to the effort of Gordon Neighbourhood House’s staff and  executive director saying ” Their ability to connect with the individuals they serve is what makes Gordon Neighbourhood House special”

If you could offer advice to someone visiting GNH for the first time, what would it be?

Don’t be shy, ask questions because you will get the best possible answer, check out the Attic thrift store and COME BACK!

Come sign up for a membership today!