Community Clean Up Volunteers

The West End is known for its beautiful environment of parks and beaches, and we are committed to keeping our neighbourhood clean and free of litter for everyone to enjoy.

We operate a Clean Team program in partnership with the West End Business Improvement Association which has four part-time staff working five mornings a week to clean the main commercial streets of Davie/Denman/Robson.

We are looking for small ‘bubble’ groups of volunteers to take part in Neighbourhood Clean Up Party‘s to focus on picking litter in areas that do not get as much attention (such as residential streets) . We will provide the groups with the necessary safety equipment: garbage pickers, garbage bags, masks, hand sanitiser, etc.

Volunteers will not be expected to dispose of bio-hazard items (needles, used condoms, etc.) but we ask that volunteers record the location of these items so that we can arrange for a safe disposal.

This volunteer role would be best suited to ‘bubble’ groups of friends or family looking for outdoor activities to safely enjoy, or workplace groups or schools who are looking to give back in the neighbourhood.

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