Neighbourhood Small Grants Program

The Neighbourhood Small Grants program is a grassroots initiative that helps residents of any age, experience, or background take part in building community. We provide grants up to $500 to neighbours who have small but powerful ideas that will make our community better.

For over a decade, Gordon Neighbourhood House has coordinated the program for residents living on the Downtown Peninsula. In that time we have supported hundreds of Project Leaders who have taken steps to improve our neighbourhoods—people just like you.

Grants are awarded to projects that: connect and engage residents, share residents’ skills and knowledge within the community, build a sense of ownership and pride, and respect and celebrate diversity.

The Neighbourhood Small Grants program has generously been funded by Vancouver Foundation since 1991.

Changes in the Neighbourhood Small Grants Program due to COVID-19
This year in response to COVID-19, our regular grants have been postponed in favor of a new granting program called Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grants (R-NSG) which prioritizes physically-distanced projects.

We have already completed one spring/summer round of Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grants, and were blown away by the diversity of project ideas. The outcomes of those grants were so amazing, that we decided to host a second round of funding! 

Apply Online Now for a Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grant!
Applications for fall and winter RNSG projects open on September 1st, 2020. These grants are available to everyone in the community whether this is your first time hosting a project, or you are already an active community organizer. 

Our youngest grant recipient was only twelve years old, and some of the best projects we’ve funded were completed by newcomers who had only lived in Canada for less than one year. Responsive Neighbourhood Grants aim to build community strength and resilience; foster community creativity and wellbeing; and tackle social isolation during these challenges times.

Examples of previous project have included: cooking lessons, block parties, reiki classes, seniors lunches, Harry Potter wand-making workshops, piñata workshops, outdoor concerts, Russian-Ukrainian clubs, fashion shows, games nights, drag queens reading to kids, , apartment building social events, kids clubs, film nights, rooftop gardening, beekeeping seminars, painting clubs, soap-making, bike maintenance, art shows, dance classes, aquafit at home, sewing classes, deliveries to isolated seniors, community gardens, embroidery classes, the list goes on…

Our friendly 2020 Neighbourhood Granting Committee

All applications are reviewed by a committee of local neighbours who provide helpful suggestions, and ensure the projects meet our program goals. Our committee will work with you to find ways to get your project approved, and make it successful.

Please contact our Coordinator Jim if you would like help completing the application form, need translation assistance, need something clarified, have a simple question, or simply would like to learn more. This is a great opportunity to get involved in your community.

2020 Timelines

The application for spring and summer 2020 RNSG is now closed. These projects are expected to be finished by November 30th, and Project Leaders are encouraged to share stories and photos from their completed projects on the NSG website by December 15th.

Applications for Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grants are now open until October 31st, 2020! For the first time ever, small grants funding is available for fall and winter projects. We request that all fall/winter project are finished by March 15th, 2021, and that online stories and photos from completed projects are posted on the NSG website by April 1st, 2021.

Greenest City Neighbourhood Small Grants are just like regular and Responsive Neighbourhood Small Grants, but for projects with an environmental focus. These grants support sustainability-focused projects that align with the Greenest City 2020 Action Plan. GCNSG projects are funded thanks to the generous support of the City of Vancouver’s Greenest City Fund and Vancouver Foundation. We are not accepting application for Greenest City Neighbourhood Small Grants at this time.

We hope that by the time fall and winter projects are complete, we will be able to host another round of NSG or RSNG based on current provincial health recommendations. Please stay tuned for further program updates.

To find out how you can apply and receive $500 for your projects idea, please visit the Neighbourhood Small Grant website, or email Jim Balakshin at