We are looking for warm and understanding volunteers to host our new morning social ‘Cozy Corners’ for an hour a week. 

The aim of ‘Cozy Corners’ is to provide an accessible and welcoming environment for people who are seeking a place to come and enjoy a hot beverage, have a chat, or just zone out with a puzzle.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

Volunteers would be required to set up the hot beverage dispensers along with distributing puzzles, books, crosswords, etc.

Volunteers would need to have the skills to connect with other people and be able to engage with our neighbours from a place of compassion.

Gordon Neighbourhood House operates off a respect policy where every person is welcomed once that persons behaviour shows respect to others regardless of their race, gender identity, sexual orientation, ancestry, ethic origin, religion, record of offences, age, political affiliation, language, financial status, family or immigration status.

If a person’s behaviour does not demonstrate this level of respect to others then they will be asked to leave. This very same person will be welcomed back, once they have changed their behaviour. The ‘Cozy Corners’ volunteer will be expected to work alongside staff to implement this respect policy.

Experience and Qualifications

As ‘Cozy Corners’ will be open to people from all across the community this role calls for volunteers who are both open minded and non-judgmental.

A knowledge of local resources in the community could be of benefit to volunteers, but is not a requirement as we do have relevant materials available here onsite.


Supervisor: Aileen

Start Date: Ongoing Basis

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the Volunteer Application Form.