Community Lunch Menu

As part of our food philosophy, we are committed to celebrating seasonality and locally grown food. Check out our daily menu at the Neighbourhood House, or give us a call to find out what’s for lunch that day.

Wednesday, January 2  PWYC

Nourish Bowl – Pad Thai

Thursday, January 3  $5

Harvest soup & pulled pork with mashed veggies

Monday, January 7 PWYC

Veggie glory bowl with rice

Tuesday, January 8 $5

Garden greens salad & beef bolognaise with garlic toast

Wednesday, January 9 PWYC

Nourish Bowl – Tabouleh plate with beet hummus and pita

Thursday, January 10 $5

Harvest soup & baked ham with roast veggies

Monday, January 14 PWYC

Baked yam with ginger tahini dressing and miso greens

Tuesday, January 15  $5

Harvest soup & chicken souvlaki with rice pilaf

Wednesday, January 16  PWYC

Nourish Bowl –  Peanut noodle bowl

Thursday, January 17  $5

Garden salad & fish cake with orzo pasta

Monday, January  21 PWYC

Carrot and chickpea stew

Tuesday, January  22 $5

Garden salad & beef stir fry noodles

Wednesday, January  23 PWYC

Mediterranean orzo pesto bowl

Thursday, January  24 $5

Harvest soup & pork ribs with couscous

Monday, January  28 PWYC

Vegan meatloaf

Tuesday, January  29 $5

Harvest soup & jerk chicken with rice and beans

Wednesday, January  30 PWYC

Indian potato chutney bowl

Thursday, January  31 $5

Garden salad & chicken curry with rice noodles

Is Gluten a no go? Are you allergic to shellfish? Lactose Intolerant? Halal Meat? We strive to accommodate your dietary restrictions. Please let us know a week in advance and we’ll do our very best to accommodate you.