Who We Are

Our History

Gordon Neighbourhood House began in 1942 as a place for residents in Vancouver’s Downtown-West End neighbourhoods to drop by for a cup of coffee. Today, we work closely with local residents, businesses and organizations to create dozens of programs, services and initiatives that respond to the needs and dreams of our neighbourhood. From childcare to seniors programs, we walk with our community through every chapter of life.

Gordon Neighbourhood House is a charitable organization that relies on the support of our public partners, donors and volunteers. To learn more about how you can help out, please click here.

Our Vision

Gordon Neighbourhood House strives to ensure that the West End is a vibrant and active community, where everyone is empowered to play an active role in civil society. 

Our Mission

Building connection and opportunity in our neighborhood – for today and tomorrow.

Let’s make things happen – for today and tomorrow.

— Our slogan at Gordon Neighbourhood House

Our Purpose

The aims of Gordon Neighbourhood House are to:

  • Provide opportunities for individuals of all ages to make relationships and to have experiences which will contribute to their social development;
  • Develop neighbourliness among families, individuals, and groups and to foster good relationships within the neighbourhood and the community;
  • Improve the neighbourhood services through cooperation with other organizations, by demonstrating new services and by influencing public bodies;
  • Make the Downtown and West End neighbourhoods a better place in which to live and grow;
  • Remain sensitive to the changing needs of the diverse groups of people who live in the Downtown- West End, and to respond with innovative and effective programs and services

Our Purpose


We are committed to honouring the dignity of each person. We act with integrity and compassion in our relationships, and we are committed to our own self-reflection and growth. We believe everyone has something to contribute and we celebrate the contributions of one another.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are children, youth, adults and seniors of all ethnicities, beliefs, cultures, abilities and economic levels. We speak many languages and we are people of all sexual orientations. We seek to foster diverse, multilingual and vibrant environments that welcome and embrace all aspects of who we are.

Social Justice

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in social, economic and cultural life, and we are committed to advancing this vision. We seek to embed principles of social justice by applying an equity lens to our work; by fostering participation in decision-making processes and by honouring the rights of others. We are committed to learning about injustices and correcting our role within them.

Respecting First Nations & Indigenous Peoples

We recognize that our work is conducted on Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh and Musqueam Land. We are committed to acting with respect for the history, land and laws of these Nations. We recognize the ongoing injustice toward Indigenous peoples in this country, and we are committed to meaningfully addressing the harms perpetuated against Indigenous peoples in all work we do.


We are committed to fostering just and sustainable relationships with the natural world

Innovation and Creativity

We nurture joyful environments that encourage new ideas, initiatives, and the use of everyone’s talents and strengths. We focus on the process, rather than the product. We take risks and think outside the box. We celebrate the growth and efforts of each other.

Organizational Excellence

We are committed to loyalty to one another and our shared vision; to upholding and supporting our roles, responsibilities, decisions and processes; to maintaining and nurturing unity and a united front; to acting with integrity, reliability and accountability in fulfilling our commitments; and to solutions-oriented, active participation.


We are stronger together. We are committed to working in collaboration with a wide range of partners in pursuit of our vision, including charitable organizations, foundations, businesses, business improvement associations and government.

Our Strategic Plan