Come and celebrate Earth Day with us at our Community Potluck!

Gordon Neighbourhood House’s (GNH) Earth Day Community Potluck, co-hosted by MP Dr. Hedy Fry and MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert, is one of our largest events throughout the year. We anticipate the participation of many of our neighbours, friends, community leaders, and sponsors for an evening of positive and constructive discussions aimed at building community in the West End.

Our annual potluck is supported and sponsored by many of our community friends and partners, including Village Vancouver, Our City of Colours, Vancouver Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Health Initiative for Men, Vancity, West End Neighbourhood Food Network, and The Attic Thrift Store.

Kathryn Fitzgerald, Branch Manager of Vancity’s West End Community Branch, believes that “sharing a meal is a great way to unify a community. It brings people together to share stories and build relationships within that community.” “Participating in community events is part of Vancity’s West End Branch commitment,” adds Kathryn.

Darren Usher, Program Manager at the Health Initiative for Men (HIM) also realizes the value of community gatherings and is pleased that HIM and GNH have partnered for this event. He views this community potluck as a melting pot, in terms of both food and people. For Darren, it was a “no brainer” for HIM to partner with GNH because events such as this serve a significant purpose and help to “change some of our precepts and some of our prejudices.”

The lead organizer of the Earth Day Potluck is GNH’s Community Food Advocate, Andrew Christie. The potluck merges Andrew’s passions for community development and cultivating and eating healthy food. It has largely been due to his creative vision, critical thinking and hard work that this year’s event has come to fruition. According to Andrew, “food is a great mechanism for bringing people who may not otherwise meet together and giving them an opportunity to get to know their neighbours.”

Paul Taylor, GNH’s Executive Director, is excited about this community potluck and sees it as an integral part of GNH’s broader goals and plans. “Gordon Neighbourhood House uses food to nourish our community in a variety of ways, including the facilitation of intercultural exchange and dialogue,” Paul explains, “and the Earth Day Community Potluck is a great mechanism for this.”

Sharing is caring, and eating healthy food with good friends is great. So, join us on April 22nd and share your food and stories with your neighbours and friends.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our largest events of the year.

Written by Community Journalist/GNH Blogger Soroush Moghaddam