The Clean Team


Vancouver’s downtown and its West End make up a lush neighbourhood area that is located near the city’s best-loved beaches and world-famous parks. The district is home to over 45,000 people and is one of most densely populated areas in Canada. The neighbourhood also hosts some of the largest events in the city, which attract hundreds of thousands of spectators every year. Residents are proud of their neighbourhoods and take pride in keeping their community clean through litter prevention. In 2013, Gordon Neighbourhood House (GNH) initiated and coordinated a Clean Team program in partnership with the West End Business Improvement Association (WEBIA), and the program continues today with the aim of keeping our neighbourhoods beautiful.

Gordon Neighbourhood House’s Clean Team program involves three core components: commercial street sidewalk cleaning (commercial streets); volunteer community clean-up events (residential sidewalks and parks); and community outreach and awareness (education).

The Clean Team program includes the following goals:

  • Encourage Volunteer Participation
  • Ensure Cleaner Public Spaces
  • Prevention of Litter through awareness and education
  • Combat Litter, Graffiti, and Illegal Dumping Litter
  • Develop Strong Community Partnerships
  • Discourage Illegal Dumping
  • Preventing Unsightly Waste
  • Sustainability

Community Clean-ups

Our program is driven by hundreds of dedicated volunteers of all ages who join our Community Cleanups events and contribute thousands of hours to keep our community clean and sustainable. People are encouraged to come together at our Community Cleanups to have fun keeping our West End residential sidewalks clean and beautiful. A group of neighbours gather at Gordon Neighbourhood House and enjoy volunteering by dedicating a few hours outdoors to keep our sidewalks clean and sustainable. Our events may include a free community barbeque, a free community hot and cold breakfast, a chance for a free community vest, and may also engage or involve a partner or sponsor.

Registration is required on Eventbrite prior to attending and you will also find the dates of our events listed on this site. On the day of the event volunteers are paired in twos and are equipped with all supplies and tools (this includes the route to cover, a garbage bag, pair of gloves, and a child or adult picker). Volunteers are given guidelines on what to collect and not to collect. The clean-up lasts for about two hours and commences and ends at Gordon Neighbourhood House. Community Clean-ups occur on Saturdays between April and September, and at various times throughout the year for organized groups. 

We are so very thankful for the support of our program, whether through our volunteer participation or through sponsorship. If you would like more information on volunteering or employment opportunities within our program, please contact Luc by telephone at (604) 683-2554 or email at

Come join us!