Getting Creative at the Family Place!

As a part of the Pride festivities, we hosted a Family Bonding Art Workshop, celebrating the colors and creativity of Pride through art. Parents and young kids got to use natural materials, such as sticks, pine cones, flowers, and leaves to create their own painting tools while exploring a unique art form: mark-making. This workshop led by a talented young artist Peisen Ding, provided an opportunity for the families to celebrate Pride alongside their neighbors while getting creative and spending some quality time with their kids.

Peisen sharing his inspirations: “My work mainly focuses on exploring queer identity, and everyday urban life. It helps me to express my feelings, and observe the city, as we imagine a utopian world. More importantly, I hope my work can deliver love, care, and courage to people who are immigrants to Canada, and/or from the LGBTQIA2S+ community”

This month we’re hosting another Family Bonding Art Workshop facilitated by Peisen on Saturday, August 27th, 10:30 am – 11:30 am. This time, the workshop will be built around introducing shapes and forms to younger kids (ages 3-10), while working with natural unpredictable materials (bubble guns, materials from the forest, etc.).
Free to attend, with GNH membership ($5/a year). To learn more or to register click HERE.