Anti-Racism Resources

Absolutely Fabulous 2017: Gordon Neighbourhood House with co-hosts Black Lives Matter

Earlier this week Gordon Neighbourhood House along with the Association of Neighbourhood Houses released a public statement acknowledging the reality of anti-black racism in our community.

As an organization we are committed to promoting an anti-racist society and we are sharing these resources so that our community can have a better understanding of why we have made this commitment and learn how to join us.

Today there will be a Freedom from Hate march in our neighbourhood starting at 4pm in Jack Poole Plaza and ending at Sunset Beach where there will be speakers. Please remember to bring your mask.


Learn more about the loss of Hogan’s Alley and the work being done by the Hogan’s Alley Society.

Circa 1948 is an augmented reality app that allows you to take a virtual tour of the now destroyed Hogan’s Alley.

This interactive map Black Strathcona celebrates some of the interesting people and places that made up the neighbourhood.

The Vancouver Public Library has access to copies of the work of Vancouver born poet Wayde Compton and you can find an interview with him here.

This video explores what life was like in Hogan’s Alley before its destruction, as well as highlighting the community activism that took place to prevent further displacement of people from nearby Chinatown.


Woke or Whateva is a bilingual podcast based out of Montreal, you can find their Instagram account here.

The Conscious Kid and The Great Unlearn are two Instagram accounts that you can follow to challenge your thought process and hold yourself accountable.

This document Anti Black Racism in so called ‘Canada has a large collection of Canadian specific resources for self-education.

Check out this report Towards a Healthy City – Addressing Anti-Black Racism in Vancouver.

Black Lives Matter Canada can be found here and you can follow this link to read the Vancouver Black Lives Matter Calls on the City to Dismantle Systems of Violence and Oppression.

This link take you to a two hour Youtube Webinar titled Resistance and Resurgence: Confronting Anti-Black Racism in Canada.

Diverse Book Finder is a website designed to help parents source books that feature Black and Indigenous people and People of Colour.

Raising Little Allies To Be might be of interest to some parents.

Indigenous Peoples Day is this Sunday June 21st. This article highlights some of the ways that you can celebrate virtually through podcasts, movies, sports, humor, and museums.

The Vancouver Public Library has resources for learning about Indigenous people here.


Massy Books is an Indigenous owned book store in Downtown Vancouver.

Afro Biz is a website that can help you to find Vancouver’s Black owned businesses, Black owned restaurants, Black artists, and more.


The Write to Read project delivers books, libraries, tablets, and high speed internet to remote Indigenous communities in BC.

Vancouver Black Therapy and Advocacy Fund is raising money to support the mental health needs of our Black community members.

Black in B.C. Community Support Fund for COVID-19 is a fundraiser for a low-barrier, emergency, micro-grant program to support those experiencing financial hardship at this time.

Statement on Anti-Racism

The Gordon House team has spent the last few weeks in deep reflection about the persistence of structural racism in our communities, and examining our own complicity within these systems. Hatred has no place in our community. But nonetheless, it continues to exist in our community.

Like you, we are horrified by current events. Black and Indigenous people are being killed every day for acts as simple as going for a run. There has been a substantial (and shameful) increase in anti-Asian racism here in our own neighborhood, and we are aware of multiple instances of elders being targeted by this violence. Something in our system is broken — and we must all take intentional action to fix it.

We have come together with our sister Houses across the Association of Neighbourhood Houses BC to make a public commitment to anti-racism work. Anti-Racism is the ‘practice of identifying, challenging, preventing, eliminating and changing the values, structures, policies, programs, practices and behaviours that perpetuate racism’. That statement is attached – and we hope you hold us accountable to do this work.

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing educational anti-racism resources for the community, including live workshops. We also welcome additional ideas, resources and workshops that we can share – please email

Please view our full public statement here:.

Deeper Roots Program

Connect Yourself To The Land

Gordon Neighbourhood House offers Deeper Roots, an educational gardening program that provides opportunities to connect with the land and deepen our understanding and relationship with nature.

We will explore how to grow food, plants and medicines in ways that care for both humans and the earth. We will develop a practice of gratitude and awareness that will shift how people look at growing food and the natural communities around them.

Join us for weekly drop-in garden sessions and nature-based activities and walks. Once a month we will also offer a multi-lingual session in the garden. All ages and levels of garden experience are welcome. Be prepared to experiment and learn together!


All sessions will take place in the West End neighbourhood of Vancouver. Locations will vary between each session. Once you have registered for a particular session, we will contact you with the meeting location, safety guidelines and what to wear/bring 1-2 days before the session.


Contact Joey at if you have questions or concerns about accessibility.


Each session will have a max of 5 participants. We will be registering participants on Eventbrite only (please don’t email to register).

We would like to offer the opportunity for as many different people to participate.

If you’re interested in multiple sessions, please sign up for one or two first, and allow others a chance to register before signing up for additional sessions. If a particular session is full, join the waitlist.

If you’re bringing a child or youth, please register them and indicate their age in the registration form.


Program schedules will be released on a monthly basis. Click on each link below to register and view more session information:

Tuesday, June 16 at 10:30am – Herb Tour

Thursday, June 18 at 2:30pm – Garden Session

Tuesday, June 23 at 2:30pm – Bee Safari in the Garden

Thursday, June 25 at 2:30pm – Garden Session

Tuesday, June 30 at 10:00am – Garden Time in Spanish with Mayra (for Playtime families)

More info on our urban farming initiatives can be found here.


by Darlene

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 of water macro photography of drop of water on top of green plant nature

Here’s a little information about mindfulness meditation to make it more accessible. Meditation and that wandering monkey mind! Well, minds think, that’s what they do. Rather than emptying the mind of thought altogether, meditation provides us with an opportunity to ‘steer the mind’ using concentration practice. Mindfulness is the ability to know or name what we are noticing or experiencing. Concentration practice is the ability to hold our focus where we choose.

Here is a mindfulness meditation practice to explore. While our attention may come and go, our body and breath are always with us. When we notice our mind has wandered, we can use the opportunity to steer the mind, to concentrate instead where we prefer or intend. Steer your mind to notice the next out breath when it occurs. And then the next one in the ongoing in-and-out cycle of breathing. And then the one after that too. To help you with your concentration practice you might observe a physical sensation that helps you know, ‘oh, this is an out breath.’ Perhaps the downward settling of your chest or belly or maybe the air moving through your nostrils. Keep noticing that next out breath as it occurs. Gently, allow yourself to notice how your body is breathing just as it breathes, there is no need to make your body breathe in any particular way. Perhaps you are taking small sips of air or maybe your breath is moving in your chest or possibly down in your belly.

The point of meditation is not necessarily to empty the mind of all thought, rather to steer the mind to where we intend and bring it back to our chosen point of focus. With this concept in mind we can be gentler with ourselves each time we steer the mind back toward the focus of our concentration practice.